creature comforts + pawsitively marblehead





“Zeb hears the bus coming and starts to wag all over...with great pride and tail held high, he jumps on the bus to a cacophony of barking playmates...on the flip side, he comes home, happy to see his ole mom and proceeds directly to the couch for a 2+ hour a working pet owner, it is very reassuring to know that he is happy and safe when not at home with us.”

~Claudia M.


When the Creature Comforts bus pulls up in front of my house every Tuesday morning, my dog Tippi goes running. Off she goes, and she doesn't even look back. This is quite amazing, as Tippi is a bit clingy...this is because a day at Creature Comforts is where she can let go of all of her worries and just PLAY. It is her happy place, and she has the BEST time. Thank you Creature Comforts for giving my dog the perfect place to run, play, bark and just be a dog. We couldn't get through the week without you!

~Liz W.


“We were initially nervous about having a stranger in our house with our, it is part of the routine to drop Brooks an e mail if we are going away...not only have they responded on short notice, but the girls bring in our mail, put out our trash, water our plants and even brought in our plants and outdoor furniture during the hurricane last year, which really was above and beyond...nothing is too much trouble.”

~Louise K.


"Our cat Lucy is now 16 years old. It is such a relief and a convenience to be able to pick up and leave town at a moment's notice...not to mention the extra perks of watering plants, sorting mail and phone calls if disaster strikes (in the form of a tree falling on our house!) We always come home to well cared for kitties."

~Meredith P.


“Thursday is my Schnauzer's favorite day...Sally races to the door to greet the driver picking her up...this service is only one of the ways that Creature Comforts has made life with my active dog easy. Best of all, everyone at Creature Comforts has fun!”

~Gloria C.


"We have a Labrador, Charlie, who considers Creature Comforts, and in particular Brooks and Ned, to be part of his family. I consider them to be lifesavers.  As life becomes increasingly hectic, it's a huge help to know that Charlie is loved and well-cared-for...Charlie is a tired, contented dog, and I am a busy mom with one less thing to worry about. They offer a fantastic, reliable service, and I absolutely couldn't cope without them."

~Katie B.


"If you see the Creature Comforts bus driving around town with a little brown dog sharing a seat with the bus driver, [it’s] our best buddy, Colby, loving being an Ambassador for Creature Comforts. PS Did I tell you when I agreed to get another Puppy, Geo promised me he would take care of the dog 100%!  The marriage has survived because I discovered Creature Comforts.”

~J. Stephenson


“I am the proud owner of a wonderful, beautiful, 6 year old Golden Retriever by the name of Ben. Creature Comforts has been part of our lives since he was just a little pup. It has been such a comfort to me to know that Ben is being cared for by loving and responsible people...I also love the fact that if there is a problem I am notified. Scheduling is never a problem, and calls are always returned promptly.”

~Carol O.


“Over 1,400 walks, over 1,400 reasons to love Creature Comforts!  At CC, a walk isn’t just a walk; it’s a labor of love. I’m committed to your services, as much as your team is committed to caring for my dog - we consider all of you extended family!”

~Lisa C.