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Creature Comforts began with one goal in mind: to accommodate your lifestyle by providing care for your pets. We aim to be your pets' second family by catering to their individual needs. Each pet deserves to be treated with love, kindness and compassion. With that in mind, all members of our staff are carefully chosen for their attentiveness, dependability, professionalism and deep affection for animals.

Bonded, licensed and fully insured. Everything we do, every service or product we offer, supports our goal of enabling your pets to live a happier, healthier and longer life – as well as strengthening the bond between you and your furry friends. We have lost count of the number of stories from our clients and customers detailing their dog’s excitement and anticipation of a visit from our staff, ride on the bus, or a trip to the store. This constant, positive feedback is what is most meaningful to us.

Creature Comforts and Pawsitively Marblehead have been family owned and operated for the past 25 years, and while the family ownership is changing, we will continue to strive to provide the best care and service for you and your furry friends!

The new owners, Erin McCarthy and her parents, Dave and Jill Weber, have been pet owners and lovers their entire lives. Erin’s grandparents raised and showed Cocker Spaniels and worked with various rescues.  Jill and Dave have owned dogs, cats and horses over the years, and currently own a Golden Retriever - Finley, a German Shepherd – Maddie, and a Friesian horse - Hyden.  Erin and her husband James own two cats - Bean and Coco – and a rescue dog, Riley.  Erin also comes from a long history of working in the marine animal training world, so she really has made animals her life!

As our business enters a new phase with new family ownership, we look forward to continuing to provide you and your pets the same caring services we are known for.  A happy pet makes for a happy family, and we want to help make you and your pet(s) happy!  Let us know how we can help…and thanks for your support.

Erin McCarthy

Owner, Creature Comforts + Pawsitively Marblehead